What is the STARTUP Borjomi?
STARTUP Borjomi is a piloting program for start-ups in IDS Borjomi International.
What profit do I get from working with you?
First of all, we provide an opportunity to test your product by integrating it into one of the leading companies on the bottled water market and scale it to all markets the company is present in.

Secondly, you get the expertise and insight of IDS Borjomi International employees, as well as full support at all stages of piloting.

Thirdly, you proceed to the piloting of your project at once without any part-time programs and acceleration.
What is in the STARTUP Borjomi program?
Piloting your solution and potentially scaling it to other branches of our Company in case the pilot is successful.
What is a pilot?
By pilot we mean running a short-term product test on our infrastructure, with fixed dates and success criteria.
How long does the program last?
Indefinitely. You can submit an application at any convenient time. Pilots are usually 1-3 months long but it all depends on your product.
How long does it take to launch a pilot?
Pilot launch dates are agreed upon individually with each start-up. The minimum term is 3 weeks.
What are the criteria for selection for the program?
1) Economic value - first of all, we select products that bring clear economic benefits to the company;
2) Pilot launch speed - we give preference to solutions that can be quickly tested and launched;
3) Degree of product readiness - we currently only work with teams that have a finished product or at least an MVP (prototype) that can be tested;
4) Team professionalism - it is important for us to have a strong team that will develop the product and collaborate with us;
5) Product development plan - we will give preference to an ambitious but realistic plan for further product and company development;
At what stage should my startup and product be ready to participate in the program?
We are usually looking for solutions that are ready for integration, a professional team of at least 2 people and first sales.
Who will evaluate my application?
All applications will be evaluated by internal business customers and experts from related departments of IDS Borjomi International.
What aspects of the product should the presentation for the application reveal?
In order for us to be able to comprehensively review your application, the presentation should disclose the following product aspects:
— problem;
— solution;
— product description;
— relevant cases of implementation + results;
— comparison of the offered product and competitors;
— business model;
— current progress and plans;
— team;
— financial indicators and metrics;
— offer for IDS Borjomi International, including results, we could expect from using your product.
What if the implementation of the pilot involves financial costs for me?
Implementation of the pilot project and compensation for its implementation are discussed individually with each of the participants.
I have several startups. Can I submit multiple applications?
Yes, of course, we review all incoming applications for possible cooperation.
What happens to intellectual rights?
During the program the participant does not transfer any rights to his decision, as well as to the intellectual property objects that may be contained in the application materials and presentations.
I submitted an application and received no feedback. When will I get a reply?
It may take from one to several weeks for us to respond. Contact us if you have any questions.
Can I participate in the program if I have no legal entity?
No, startup teams take part in the program if they have a legal entity or are ready to register it.
Olga Kazmenko
Chie Innovation Officer
Eduard Zhuchkov
Senior Innovation Manager