Use of the Websites/Mobile Apps requires use of "cookies" installed on the Users' electronic devises.

IDS Borjomi uses the following categories of "cookies":

  • to provide users with a consistent access to functionality of the Websites/Mobile Apps;
  • to improve and facilitate use of the Websites/Mobile Apps;
  • to represent correctly advertising messages of IDS Borjomi on the Websites/Mobile Apps;
  • to provide access of the Users to exchange of information from the Websites/Mobile Apps via social networks;
  • to monitor of the metrics of audience of the Websites/Mobile Apps (traffic analysis, usage trends etc.).

Prior to use "cookies" on the Websites/Mobile Apps IDS Borjomi requests the Users’ consent to such use with sending the respective notification (in a banner form).

There are the following options provided for the Users in respect of "cookies" settings:

  • allow automatic storage and use of "cookies";
  • warn about "cookies" use;
  • always block "cookies" use (in such a case there may be some restrictions on operation of the Websites, e.g. no option of customized settings etc.).

When using the Websites/Mobile Apps it is possible to use functional options of the other resources, in particular:

  • social networks (there is an option of direct content sharing from the Websites/Mobile Apps) (depending on functionality and internal settings of the Websites/Mobile Apps). There are separate “cookies” policies of such companies;
  • Google Analytics for collecting statistical information of general character on use of the Websites/Mobile Apps (such information is used by IDS Borjomi exclusively for improving of the Content and provision of the Services ordered via the Websites/Mobile Apps). Operation of Google Analytics is governed by the respective policy of this company;
  • other resources, which safety was checked by IDS Borjomi.

Please note that in case the function of “cookies” use is blocked it may result in improper operation of the Websites/Mobile Apps. There is an option to block the function of “cookies” use in part or in full (certain types of "cookies") with modifying the settings of the web-browsers on devices used for access to the Websites/Mobile Apps.